Twin Cities Heart and Lung has been ranked as one of the top heart bypass surgical groups in the U.S. by Consumer Reports.

Heart Surgery

At Twin Cities Heart and Lung, one of our chief strengths is our experience in all types of heart procedures, from heart valve repair and replacement, to bypass procedures (both on and off pump), as well as leading edge operations such as the Maze procedure and Robotic Assisted Mitral Valve repair.


Lung Surgery

Our goal with lung procedures, as with heart and vascular, is firstly to preserve the lives of patients, using the utmost skill and most advanced techniques possible. Secondly, we aim to restore patients to the best health we can, so they can live more fulfilling, pain-free lives than they could before surgery.


Carotid and Aortic Surgery

Unsurpassed technical expertise, paired with sensitive, honest personal touch. We specialize in carotids surgery and aortic anuerysms repair using open and endovascular approach.